Monday, September 25, 2006

I hope this motivation problem I seem to be having is a temporary thing. School work kinda seems to be taking a bit of a backburner ...or so it seems. Last year it seemed like I always had a project or paper due or test looming and it was alot of work and quite stressful. This year it seems that I am stressing out more over the fact that I am not freaking out over school work and projects. Is there less work or am I oddly enough adapting to the whole university thing? I mean I know there are projects due, tests coming up (although only in 2 classes instead of 5!!!), a power point presentation (that I have no creative ideas for), and a paper (only 1 this whole semester!!!), but it doesn't seem too be bothering me...
OK I have to admit the whole EPSY thing with all the DEMF's is freaking me out-do we really need to know all that information to be an effective teacher? If passing this class is more than just days and days of memorizing terms, someone PLEASE tell me how. Well I guess on that note, I better go finish reading the intriguing ESPY text before class today.


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