Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am a Teacher Aide and I work one and a half days a week at an elementary school. I work in an Early Childhood class that is designed to provide the best learning opportunities possible to seven children who are developmenatally and learning delayed. Three of the students have started to integrate into the kindergarten class for an hour a day and today was the first day that I was a part of it. I have come to conclusion that I DO NOT want to be a kindergarten teacher. I never really did-but this experience cemented the fact. There were 27 kids and 4 adults. It was quite chaotic. I do have to give alot of credit to the teacher, she is AMAZING at what she does and can totally handle the chaos. I think I would be able to handle the is the idea of the dependence that these kids have on the teacher that would drive me nuts! (OK this comment had better not come back adn bite me in the A#S!). Anyways it is amazing to see the three children who are integrated do so well in the class and the other children to be so accepting and helpful. It was an enlightening experience!

Off the topic but I just have to say...I am looking forward to Gray's Anatomy tomorrow night. I think somehow I am living vicariously through Meredith and her love for McDreamy. Am I pathetic or what? When I think about what the two of them have together, it reminds me of the love/lust that the character's Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz had for each other in Vanilla Sky. It was intense. I loved that movie. One of my favorites. Enough for tonight. I think I beared enough of my soul for one night. Gotta love a blog page that you have to attach your name to.


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