Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Face to Face Elluminate Session

Tonight our ECMP 455 class took part in a face to face session with Elluminate. After some technical difficulty, we were on our way to some useful learning.
I always find it enthralling when our professor Dean Shareski invites guest speakers from all over North America to join in on our class. What a social network he has with so many educators. Some of my most useful learning I have acquired has been from reading the blogs written by these people. There is so much knowledge out there for the taking.
Our first guest speaker was Anne Davis. Anne talked to us about the invisible web and how to perform a google search using searchable databases. Next David Jakes spoke to us about del.icio.us and the benefits of tagging and next Alan Levine gave us the low down on Twitter (which I still don't quite have my head wrapped around, yet!).
In a previous blog from November 24, 2006, I wrote about the importance and benefits of face to face learning versus online. I still believe that there are definitely pros and cons for both styles of learning, but am somewhat partial to the personal connections one can make when they meet with someone. For me, making the personal connections makes the learning more connected to me (I hope that makes sense!).
Anyways, it was a great learning session. Thanks Dean for making it happen for us!


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