Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When I Am A Teacher...

With ECMP 455 almost a class of the past, I have a lot of reflecting to do.
For our final assignment we are to write a post on our learning and what we hope our future classroom will look like. WOW, where to start...
I guess I will start by saying that what my pedagogical thoughts were before this class have changed, and that I know with each and every class I take in my 3rd year of Education, it will change many times more. I think that I could say that with every post I read over the past 7 weeks, my pedagogy changed somewhat.
And this I believe is one of the most important aspects of learning that I have acquired throughout this class. RSS feeds, RSS feeds, RSS feeds and then more RSS feeds!
We started the class off learning about RSS feeds. Our ECMP 455 prof Dean Shareski has an amazing wiki that explains in understandable english what social software is and how to use it. Through my complied list of RSS feeds (that seems to grow everyday through the serendipity of the world wide web), that I created using Google Reader, I learned soo much. Everytime I read someone's post, I learned something new that enriched my pedagogy. Whether it was compiling useful links for future resources, such as in this post or reading suggestions from other educators, like this one. The shared learning through blogging and RSS feeds is endless, and the best thing is, it is right at our fingertips for the taking! So...when I am a teacher I will use blogging and my RSS reeds to share my ideas and continually learn from others.
Digital Stroytelling , we learned in the class, is an amazing technological tool for teachers to use. It is a great way for emergent learners to make literacy connections, and for learners who have already make that connection, share their thoughts and stories using a tool that can be made relevant to their own lives. Digital Storytelling is an excellent tool to integrate into almost any subject in a fun and exciting way. So...when I am a teacher I will use Digital Storytelling in my classroom.
Before this class, I had heard of wiki's and had a general idea of what they were. Now, after reading Dean's wiki, watching Mark Wagner's Wiki While You Work presentation, and taking part in a collaborative wiki project myself, I definitely have a handle on what an effective tool wiki's can be in the classroom. Most importantly, I saw through Kathy Cassidy and her classroom's use of wiki's just how poewrful they can be for emergent learner's. So...when I am a teacher, I will use wiki's in my classroom.
Digital Citizenship is an up and rising issue in the world wide web. Our class watched this video, which pretty much sums digital citizenship up.
So...when I am teacher, I will instill in my learners digital citizenship. I also found this site that I hope will help my learners.
So to sum things up, when I am a teacher...I will integrate technology into every aspect of my classroom. I also believe that they physical space of the classroom is very important and I am hoping to learn from Clarence Fisher inregards to his post Starting Over, how I should be setting up my classroom for Web 2.0 learning.
I love it when I finish a university Education class and feel as if the learning is relevant to making me become an effective teacher. ECMP 455 definitely was, and I believe that when I am a teacher, I will be a more effective one, not only because of the learning that took place in the 7 weeks, but because I was introduced to how to access a whole world of learning right at my fingertips!
Thanks Dean!!!


Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Reading this post the thing that comes across most forcefully is your passion. You write like a fire has been ignited. Don't lose that. No matter what you teach or how you teach it when you teach with passion your students will pick up on that ... and they'll learn from you. I wish all my kids teachers felt the same kind of passion that you write with here.

Best wishes,

10:27 PM  
Blogger Mark Wagner said...

Jane, Dean posted a link to this post on Twitter (I'm sure he told you all about that, too), so some of us are popping in to see what you're up to. It's exciting that you're going into teaching with these tools already in your toolbox. You were lucky to be exposed to all of these things in your program... and it seems your students will be lucky they get you as a teacher.

10:55 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

Thanks for the kind words...
I think that I am very lucky to be entering my 3rd year of education and my pre internship with all of these digital tools in my toolbox.
I honestly feel as if I will be a step ahead of others because of this knowledge.
Even if I only end up using one or two tools, I will always have my RSS feeds that I truly believe will keep me evolving on a daily basis!

7:44 AM  

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