Thursday, August 09, 2007

My First Wiki Expereince

For my ECMP 455 major class assignment, I have chosen to create a wiki collaboratively with a fellow classmate. Wikipedia describes wikis as, [a collaborative webiste that can be edited by anyone who has access to it]. Before this class, I knew of Wiki's, but didn't really understand how I would benefit using one as a student or even more importantly as a future teacher. Now, as I have been working on ours and viewing others, I am learning how powerful a learning tool they are.
A fellow classmate made two Wiki's for his university classes, and I think they are an amazing way to put information together, as well as store for future use. After spending time on my ECMP prof's wiki , and learning some background on the "how-to's", I have found creating this wiki not quite as hard as I thought it may be. We are using Wikispaces for our wiki and have chosen to create one for Early Childhood Education based on the Evergreen Curriculum. Wikispaces is very user friendly and has many help options. The only problem we have had (so far!) is the web pages were not showing up on the page...Dean offered the solution of deleting the periods we had after each site-it worked, and all is good! We are almost done, and I am impressed with what we have acomplished! Good work Ronda.
Here is the link to our ECE for Teachers Wiki.


Blogger Brian said...

Jane you guy's did excellent tons resources options and easily adaptive to different grade levels. I'll be keeping this link. Brian

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