Monday, October 09, 2006

Cyber Safety-Who Is Responsible?

I too was very shocked at the presentation we watched in ECMP. I was so naive as to what can go on in cyberspace that I asked "Why are these sites not shut down?". As a future teacher (and a parent) it is very alarmimg.
I am really bothered by the "hate" sites. Young impressionalbe minds can be easily persudaed. I think that first and foremost it is the job of the parents to:
1. Monitor there children at all times when they are on the computer.
2. Educate their children on what they could possibly find on the computer.
3. Ensure that their children are being raised with morals. If they see sites that could potentially influence their thoughts and they have been instilled with morals, chances are the sites will not effect them.
I think that second, teachers and the schools need to educate their students on the potential dangers of surfing the web. I think that this could easily be accomplished by providing them with the facts. A great way to do this could be as simple as watching an informative presentation like we saw in class. I also think that provinces need to make computer safety part of the curriculum and provide teachers with more materials to make it possible.
There is no way to hide what happens on computers from children. The only way to try and ensure that their cyber experiences are safe is through monitoring and education.


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