Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oh to Be a Computer Guru!!!

I certainly haven't blogged in a while. I feel as if everything has caught up to me at once...story of every university student I am sure. ECMP 355 is almost over, as everyone else has said, time really has gone by fast. WOW!!! I feel as if I have learned so much and I think that I had
said earlier in the semester that I feel that I have an "edge" over other students/teachers who have not had the ECMP 355 or 455 experience. I am not computer savy or a guru, but I have learned about some amazing resources that are out there in the online world for me.

Anyways, I believe that some of us are born to be technologically savy and others (such as myself) just aren't. I am in the midst of my lovely eportfolio and marvel at the fact that I don't have more than two pages finished and have spent a significant amount of time playing. I read Melissa's blog- http://chibi-sano.spaces.live.com/- on her experience with NVU and I share her pain. TOUGH TIMES!!!

So, back to my belief about persons born as techno savy-the coach of my son and daughter's novice hockey team designed a web page for the team-which for some unknown reason I haven't been able to get on to for 2 days-I keep getting an error message and the computer shuts down. This web page is absolutely amazing. When I talked to him he said that he just "fiddles" around and makes things work. So I figured this meant one of two things, he is computer savy or has alot of time on his hands. None the less, it is an incredible thing he has done for the kids. I will post the link when I can get to it.

If this happens to be my last blog as an ECPM 355 student, I will catch you all in 2007 in ECMP 455. Good luck to all, Jane.


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