Monday, October 23, 2006

More Network Reflecting

I was reading Clarence Fisher's article on his students personal learning networks (pln's) and think that as future teachers who are considering using blogging as a learning tool in their classroom it is worth a read- His learners had some intersting comments to his questions and Clarence provides some useful insight to their responses. He makes some observations that will be very useful when I am a teacher using this tool in my class.

I think that the internet and the notion of blogging and subscribing to other blogs is just opening up an entire world of knowledge. Knowledge that I would not have if, A-I did not take this class and B-I was not reading other's blogs. Within every blog there are additional websites and links to other blogs that open up so many new topics. I love it. I also like how Clarence Fisher refers to these "educational moments" we stumble across on the web as "serendipity". What a great metaphor! Especially for those that believe in fate. I feel sorry for those that do not take advantage (or are unaware) of the learning that is our there on the web.

If you are on his blog page, make sure you check out this one: A very cute story on copyrighting.


Blogger Sheri said...

That is a great little article. I agree that blogs in a classroom can open up a lot of knowledge. It is going to allow children to have fun, meet new people, and enjoy computer class.

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