Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tellecollaborative Projects

As directed by our ECMP prof, we were asked to find a tellecollaborative project and discuss the project. I found The Incredible Journey Travel Buddy Project at:
What grabbed my attention about this project was the idea that the class receives a box that contains some items such as a video of the book that the project is based around, worksheets and 3 beanie babies to use with the project. The classroom has the box of "goodies" for three weeks before it must be sent off to the next goup of learners. The excitement that the learners would have building towards the project while waiting for the box to come in the mail alone would be great. If half of the battle of learning is peaking interest, I think that this would be one way to do it.
The theme of the project is getting to know your school, your classroom, your city, and your province. This is learning that is relevant to the learners. The learners need to journal daily and answer wiki questions that are asked by the beanie babies.
I think that this project would be great to use in Language Arts and Social Studies with learners in grade two to four. The teacher would be able to adapt many of the activities to varying degrees of learners.
I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to explore the idea of tellecollaborative projects. I love the idea that teachers are so willing to share their amazing ideas with everyone else (I am not the most creative person! and feel very relieved to know that there are so many ideas and resources available to teacher). This is a true reflection of how teachers feel towards learning for all. This will be another great technological tool to have in a classroom.


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