Monday, July 09, 2007

Did You Know

Did you know that there are ten million bricks in the Empire State Building or that dirty snow melts faster than clean snow because it is darker and and absorbs more heat, and finally...did you know that Mars moon, Phobus, is spiralling downwards, and will eventually crash into Mars in 100 million years time? These were some of the facts I learnt when my world wide web serendipity brought me to this interesting website: I was exploring this site: when long behold a piece of information caught my attention and all I had to do was "click" on a link and at my fingertips was an amazing site offering podcasts in which the creator of the site says, "I seek ways to explain simple logic I seek to take everyday mysteries and explain them using powerful analogies and simple logic in a way that everyone scientific and non-scientific alike can appreciate".
As Stephen Downes said, in his video titled, "Stephen Downes Talk on Web 2.0", we are redefining our learning. The traditional classroom learning is quickly becoming a way of the past.
I think that it is amazing that with some quick and painless searching I am able to find exciting and new approaches to learning. Educators love to share their knowledge and because of this my future life as a teacher has been made so much easier. I think I said in one of my blogs from ECMP 355, but I will say again, I feel so much more "ahead" of the game graduating with both of the Ed Computer classes. The classes should be requirements for education. Web learning is definitely becoming the new traditional learning...and I will be able to implement it into my classroom with confidence after having both of the Ed Computer classes!
Enough said for now...time to go see where my wolrd wide web serendipity takes me!


Blogger Shareski said...

I hadn't really thought about the word serendipity as a descriptor of new learning but it does aptly fit. I might even suggest it would be a great theme/concept/word for a blog title...I'm sure there may be one out there already.

I hate to say it but I think you're right about being ahead of many students. I'm not sure many truly understand the changing nature of knowledge and its implications for teaching and learning.

One blog entry I read earlier this year was from a principal who thought she might start asking if perspective teachers were good students. She was thinking that so many times teachers generally were good at school and thus often struggled making the transitions necessary to be effective in a connected world.

I believe we have to consider ourselves learners first and also consider learning and teaching as almost interchangeable.

I'm still developing this idea and others have grasped more about what this looks like and means. We'll continue to learn together.

10:37 PM  
Blogger thekyleguy said...

I think we will definitely have an advantage and an extra tool in our belt to meet objectives and easily extend the learning.

9:10 PM  

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