Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Reflection on Networking

I have finally had the chance to sit down and surf around in the first two blogs (Clarence Fisher's
http://pallas.cc.uregina.ca:8600/SCRIPT/ECMP355_001_online/scripts/serve_home and Will Richardson's http://pallas.cc.uregina.ca:8600/SCRIPT/ECMP355_001_online/scripts/serve_home that were provided to us in our ECMP blog page. One topic thaI found really interesting was networking.
In one of Clarence Fisher's blogs he talks about the benefits of networking
(http://remoteaccess.typepad.com/remote_access/2006/08/planning_for_ne.html). He wanted his learners to acquire five to fifteen people around the world who are alos blogging. He realized that half of their network would be made up of learners in the class, but he was hopeful that the other half would be from elsewhere. In a previous post I had made, I commented on the teacher at Westmount school (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ8VAef8QM4) who was using blogging to connect to other learners around the world. I have come to realize the enormity of blogging in classrooms and all the benefits that it is providing for both the learner and the teacher. Clarence Fisher stated that he would like to come up with a rubric for networking. I think that this would be a super tool to have. I have left him a comment asking if he has one, and if he responds and provides me with one, I will definitely share.
Will Richardson writes about the benefits of networking with other teachers and the "powerful learning community" that we can be a part of. He offers a link to a site
(http://www.cisco.com/) about human networking. It is quite interesting and inspiring.


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