Tuesday, October 17, 2006

School Plus First Hand

The other day when the learners that I work with and myself were spending our integrated time in the kindergarten classroom, I truly had the chance to see the notion of School Plus
( http://www.schoolplus.gov.sk.ca/) in action. The kindergarten teacher in celebration of Fire Safety Week and Education Week was hosting four guest presenters from the community in her class. The parents were invited to attend and participate with their child. The following community members presented:
  • Spokeswoman for the Fire Hall who had the families draw up fire escape plans for their homes and practice 911 procedures, etc
  • Public Health nurse came to show a video on head lice
  • Dental Health nurse came to talk about nutrition and proper oral hygiene
  • Community School Coordinator did a segment on handwashing and germ control

After the parents and students had completed all four stations, there were refreshments.

I was inspired as a future educator to actually see what School Plus could look like in the classrrom. The teacher could have provided the same information to her learners on her own, but I think that bringing the community in was really beneficial for everyone. I think that it made the learning more authentic. I look forward to having the opportunity to play a part in building relationships between my learners, their parents and community professionals as well as members!




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