Friday, July 13, 2007

Making Curriculum Connections Through Blogging

After our last ECMP 455 online class that we participated in on Elluminate, I really started to ponder how teachers can use blogging to not only enrich their own professional learning, but also their learners. I was reading a teachers blog: and I liked how she said that, "Ways to incorporate blogging into the curriculum are only as endless as your imagination". I think that this is so true, just as with any lesson plan! She also offers links to some other sites in which teachers have made the blogging connection to the curriculum. I really found this site interesting: Here one can review books, multimedia and technology for teens and children. I believe that this site would be a great resource for teachers! It offers curriculum connections and links to over a hundred educational blogs. This one is defintely worth checking out!


Blogger Lani said...

Hi Jane,

I'd agree the ways to integrate blogging into learning are endless!

I wondered if you might be interested in a special blogging project with a group of 5th graders from this past school year? The students at Blogical Minds loved blogging. Victoria wrote an incredible post here.

I hope you find time to check out this project!


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